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Chemicals, Herbiciding Services, Other


County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Hardee Florida Fertilizer Co. Inc.

[updated 5/18/18]
194 Will Duke Rd.
Wauchula, FL  33865

office: (863) 773-4159
fax: (863) 773-9363
Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC

[updated 5/18/18]
2486 East Main Street
Wauchula, FL  33873

office: (863) 773-3187
updated 5/21/18
Terra Asgrow Florida Wauchula, FL

office: (863) 773-4543
office: (800) 837-7286
cell:(863) 773-3515
Crop Production Services

[updated 5/18/18]
Wauchula, FL

office: (863) 773-3747
Highlands Triangle Chemical Company
Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizer
2832 Old SR 8
Venus, FL  33960

Office:  (863) 699-5680
Updated 5/16/18
Hillsborough Diamond R

3596 SR 574
Plant City, FL 33563
Terra Asgrow Florida Plant City, FL

office: (888) 837-7235
Triangle Chemical Company
Herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizer
4950 US Highway 92 W
Plant City, FL  33563

office: (813) 704-5740
updated 5/16/18
U.A.P. Florida Plant City, FL

office: (813) 754-3083
Winfield Solutions

[updated 5/18/18]
4094 Paul Buchman Hwy
Plant City, FL 33563

office: (813) 752-1177
Indian River Alligare, LLC
Norma Cassinari

Chemical management of vegetation.

[updated 5/18/18]
734 Ocracoke Square SW
Vero Beach, FL 32968

office: (772) 473-7333
fax: (772) 569-0115
Lake Howard Fertilizer & Chemical Company
Kevin Batman

[updated 5/18/18]
7205 FL-50
Groveland, FL  34736

Office:  (352) 429-0024
Cell:  (352) 552-1672
Okeechobee Diamond R Fertilizer Co. Inc.
Steve Rogers

All Agricultural Chemicals Available - Warehouses in Okeechobee, Lake Placid, La Belle
710 NE 5th Ave.
Okeechobee, FL  34972

office: (800) 330-0028
office: (941) 763-2158
fax: (941) 763-7175
Orange The Andersons, Inc.
Jennifer Lytch

"The Andersons Plant Nutrient Group offers solutions for just about any challenge you may encounter in your fields. From crop nutrition to soil health, all of our products are designed to keep you growing. We are Feeding Success® and driving higher yields through next-generation products and technologies."
800 Trafalgar Ct, Suite 320
Maitland, FL  32751

office: (407) 682-6100
fax: (407) 682-6693

Pasco Growers Fertilizer
Tim Wood

Fertilizer, Pesticides, and Herbicides.
9921 Old Lakeland Hwy
Dade City, FL

office: (863) 512-4042
Lykes Pasco Dade City, FL

office: (941) 465-4685
office: (800) 862-3981
Polk Crop Production Services

[updated 5/18/18]

Mulberry, FL
office: (863) 425-8289
Harrell's 720 Kraft Rd.
Lakeland, FL  33802

office: (941) 324-1699
office: (941) 687-2774
cell: (941) 660-0160
Helena Chemical Co. Dundee, FL

office: (941) 439-1551
U.A.P. Florida Waverly, FL

office: (941) 293-1629

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Herbiciding Services

County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Hardee Fly on Farming, Inc
Dick Weisman

aquatic weeds and mosquito control, spraying, dusting, seeding and fertilizing, flight instruction
office: (863) 773-9300
cell: 380-7594
Okeechobee Rhino Herbicide
Mike Rock

Aquatics, Terrestrial, Exotics, Mitigation
P.O. Box 232
Okeechobee, FL  34973

office: (863) 763-6137
Polk Crop Production Services

[updated 5/18/18]

Mulberry, FL
office: (863) 425-8289
Waters Weed Removal
David Waters

Herbiciding pastures and groves, specializing in tropical soda apple control
office: 534-1455


County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Marion Green Star Environmental Technologies
Gonzalo A. Pozo

100% Bacteria Enzymatic Blend similar to those found in earthworms designed to break down any organic matter left in the soil and turns it into top soil. Process of converting energy in soil matter into forms bio available to plants. Enabling everything in soil into sources of nourishment for plants breaking down pollutants and pesticides in soil, improving the efficiency of the roots nitrogen cycle.
[updated 5/18/18]
office: (352) 694-4300

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