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Grass Planting Material

Material Only, Material & Planting Service

Material Only

County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Alachua Kent Doke

Perennial Peanut
Alachua, FL

(352) 462-1466
Charlotte / DeSoto Tippea Boys Ranch
Bob Paul, Inc.

Floralta Limpograss
For more information call Buzz Stoner
(941) 291-1792
Hardee Range Cattle Research & Education Center

Bermuda, Star, Hemathria (call for specific varieties available). Limited quantities as available for a seed bed. For more information call Dr. Joao Vendramini. Call after May 1, 2001 to get on the grass list. July 5th is approximate time planting grass will be available for purchasing by growers.
Ona, FL

(941) 735-1314, x205
Hernando Eugene Rooks

Perennial Peanut
Brooksville, FL

(352) 796-8484

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Material & Planting Service

County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Columbia Haystack Farms, Inc.

Registered Tifton 85, Coastal and other bermuda grass varieties, Custom dig & plant.
20213 57th Rd.
Lake City, FL  32024

(904) 963-3505
(904) 963-5438
(904) 538-5279 (cell)
DeSoto Sam Short

Floralta Limpograss - available for South Florida
(941) 993-4281
(941) 456-3436 (cell)
Hardee Scott Henderson

[added 01/07/08]
(863) 781-1350
Mike Klein

[updated 03/1/07]
(863) 735-2267
T.J. Mitchell

[added 01/07/08]
(863) 781-4320
Wilbur Robertson

[added 01/07/08]
(863) 735-0448
Highlands Ashton Ag Service
Quinn or Mike Ashton

Grass planting
640 Arbuckle Creek Rd.
Lorida, FL  33857

(941) 655-0451
(941) 655-1226
(941) 655-0010 (fax)
Okeechobee Kenneth Arnold

Floralta Limpograss and Stargrass
(941) 763-1425
Mosquito Creek Hay Sales
Kenneth (Joe) Dryden

Stargrass and Limpograss (call for current material available), square & round bales. Offers complete planting services from land prep to planting or any part in between.
[added 08/07/08]
5500 E Hwy 70
Okeechobee, FL  34972

(863) 763-7412
(863) 634-3279
(863) 763-1023 (fax)
Volusia Pleasant Oaks Ranch, Inc
Jeffrey B. Hansard

Complete planting service from customized Land Prep, to Limited Land Leveling and Grass Planting. Bermuda Grass varieties (seed and sprig) as well as Bahia Grass Seed. Other farm related services available.
[added 09/9/10]
401 Pine Bluff Trail
Ormond Beach, FL 32174

Alabama W.M. & M.W. Donnell Sand Co., Trucking & Farms

Custom grass planting. Tifton 85, 78, 44, Russell, Coastal.
Bellwood, AL  36313

(334) 588-3982
(334) 588-3898 (fax)

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