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Plant Nutrient Sources & Spreader Services

Fertilizer, Lime, Biosolids, Spreader Services, other


County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
DeSoto Comp-lete Food Inc. Arcadia, FL

office: (863) 491-0731
Hardee Florida Fertilizer Co. Inc. 194 Will Duke Rd.
Wauchula, FL  33865

office: (863) 773-4159
fax: (863) 773-9363
Terra Asgrow
Andy Denton
Wauchula, FL

office: (863) 773-4543
fax: (863) 773-0715
Tri-County Fertilizer Bowling Green, FL

office: (863) 375-2216
Highlands Douglass Fertilizer & Chemical Co. Lake Placid, FL

office: (863) 465-5203
Highlands Fertilizer Co. Sebring, FL

office: (863) 385-5149
Lykes Agri Sales Inc. Lake Placid, FL

office: (800) 862-3981
Sebring Feed & Garden Supply Sebring, FL

office: (863) 385-0545
Manatee John Harrison

Sales and Spreading
office: (941) 322-2049
Hartland Fertilizers

Bulk and Bag Blends
office: (941) 722-3265
United Agri. Products

Bag Blends
office: (941) 776-3238
Okeechobee Agri Tech Fertilizer Corp.
Patti Woeppel

4-3-3 ReCoop Natural Fertilizer derived from chicken manure.
4550 NW 240 Street.
Okeechobee, FL  34972

office: (863) 532-9240
Diamond R Fertilizer Co., Inc.
Steve Rogers

Bulk, Bag, Liquid
710 NE 5th Ave.
Okeechobee, FL  34972

office: (800) 330-0028
office: (941) 763-2158
fax: (941) 763-7175
Orange Dougles Liquid Fertilizer
Rick Harvin
Altamonte Springs, FL

office: (941) 441-3008
cell: (941) 993-5306
Pasco Growers Fertilizer
Tim Wood

Fertilizer, Pesticides, and Herbicides
9921 Old Lakeland Hwy
Dade City, FL

office: (863) 512-4042
Lykes Agri Sales
Mark Maffet
Dade City, FL

office: (800) 346-3124
office: (352) 567-0044 office: (fax)
Polk Ag Lime Sales Inc. Lake Wales, FL

office: (941) 638-1481
fax: (941) 638-2312
Cargill Fertilizer Bartow, FL

office: (941) 534-9610
cell: (941) 534-9706
Florida Favorite Fertilizer 1607 W Olive St.
Lakeland, FL  33802

office: (800) 282-7655
fax: (941) 683-2024 office: (fax)
Griffin Fertilizer Co. Frostproof, FL

office: (941) 635-2281
Growers Fertilizer Corp. Lake Alfred, FL

office: (800) 343-1101
Harrell's Fertilizer
Bill Garrett
720 Kraft Rd.
Lakeland, FL  33815

office: (941) 324-1699
cell: (941) 660-0160
Crop Production Services Mulberry, FL
office: (800) 600-4462
Chad Meadows

Lime Enhanced Soil Conditioner
office: (863) 287-7421
Ridge Fertilizer Lake Wales, FL

office: (941) 676-1469
Terra Asgrow
Polly Ellinor
7094 Paul Buchman Hwy.
Plant City, FL  33565

office: (813) 752-1177, x229
cell: (888) 837-7235
fax: (813) 754-4826

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County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Alachua Basford Ag & Turf
Jonathan Basford

We provide gypsum and lime materials in bulk statewide.
6013 NW 107th Place
Alachua, FL

office: (352) 258-1549
Citrus Crystal River Quarry

Red Level Dolomite
Crystal River, FL

office: (352) 795-2409
cell: (352) 795-2828
Indian River Agricultural Lime
Bart Lipps
office: (561) 567-8404
Marion Dixie Lime Products Ocala, FL

office: (800) 488-2101
cell: (352) 622-3261
Polk Ag Lime Sales Inc.

Gypsum, Lime, Fertilizer
Lake Wales, FL

office: (941) 638-1481

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County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Charlotte J&J Baker Enterprises
Bill McFerran

Bio-Solids Management, fertilizer, and applicator.
P.O. Box 511843
Punta Gorda, FL  33951-1843

office: (800) 562-9599
fax: (941) 575-1685

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Spreader Services

County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
DeSoto Palmer Spreader Service
Lance Palmer, Owner

In business since 1966.
Arcadia, FL

office: (863) 494-2454
cell: (863) 990-1612
RSR Spreader Service Arcadia, FL

office: (863) 494-6007
Hardee Nobles Spreader Service
Cecil Nobles

Pasture and Citrus fertilizing, lime, sludge, dolomite, gypsum, bahia seeds and ryegrass seeds. Variable rate citrus tree eye technology. Serving Hardee and surrounding counties.
PO Box 1198
Bowling Green, FL 33834

office: (863) 773-4501
cell: (863) 781-0329
Gilliard Spreader Service Wauchula, FL

office: (863) 735-0490
cell: (863) 735-0707
Revell Spreader Service Wauchula, FL

office: (863) 773-4304
Highlands Jed's Spreader Service Inc.
Jed McHargue

Spreads Fertilizer, Lime and Sludge. In Highlands, Okeechobee, Polk, Hardee, Glades and DeSoto Counties
5620 E Arbuckle Rd.
Avon Park, FL  33825

office: (863) 452-1849
cell: (863) 449-7401
Williams Spreader Service, Inc.
Gary Williams
3616 US HWY 98
Sebring, FL 33876

office: (863) 655-3239
cell: (863) 381-1155
fax: (863) 655-3239
Manatee John Harrison

office: (941) 322-2049
Keen Farm Service

Spreader Service
office: (941) 722-1167
Okeechobee Grow'n Grass Spreader Service
Wyatt Thomas

Pasture and Citrus Fertilizing and Lime Spreading. Serving Okeechobee and the surrounding area.
office: (863) 763-0209
cell: (863) 634-9977
Pasco Running M Ranch & Grove
Johnny McCarthy

Custom Spreader Service. Pasco and Sumter Counties.
Dade City, FL

office: (352) 588-3035
fax: (352) 588-4484
MAC AG Services LLC

Fence work, tractor work, livestock transport, spray and fertilizer applications.
7634 Tallowtree Dr.
Zephrhills, FL 33544

office: (813) 493-2426
Polk Danny Boatwright

fertilizer spreading
Beynon Spreader Services
H.C. Beynon, Jr.

Spreads fertilizer, lime, sludge, and dolomite.
office: (863) 559-8849
cell: (863) 285-6434
Bryant's Spreader Service
Irvin Bryant

Hauling and spreading of fertilizer, dolomite, as well as ryegrass, bahia and rhodesgrass seeds.
cell: 665-3189
Fussell Spreader Service

Spreader service fertilizer, dolomite, lime
office: (941) 640-2661
cell: (941) 533-1814
fax: (941) 533-8348
St. Lucie South Florida Spreader Service

Hauling and custom application with GPS guidance of all liming and fertilizer products. We also have a high flotation turf spreader.
Serving all of South Florida and beyond, from Fort Pierce to Avon Park and Narcoosse to Pompano.
Matthew McBride
office:(800) 330-8548
cell: (772) 370-3538

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Other services

County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Marion Green Star Environmental Technologies
Gonzalo A. Pozo

100% Bacteria Enzymatic Blend similar to those found in earthworms designed to break down any organic matter left in the soil and turns it into top soil. Process of converting energy in soil matter into forms bio available to plants. Enabling everything in soil into sources of nourishment for plants breaking down pollutants and pesticides in soil, improving the efficiency of the roots nitrogen cycle.
office: (352) 694-4300

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