Beef Cattle Herd Health Management Seminar

What are the diseases and parasites that South Florida Ranchers need to prevent and control? What is the cost/benefit for a total herd health program? When is the best time to control parasites and vaccinate for disease prevention? These are the questions many ranchers are asking during these difficult economic times. The answers to these and other questions will be the focus of the South Florida Beef-Forage Herd Health Program.

Dr. Anthony Wierather D.V.M., Polk City, will lead a discussion with a practical presentation on beef cattle herd health requirements. He will be sharing his experiences with controlling the most critical diseases affecting reproduction and calf performance. Dr. Mark Davis D.V.M., Arcadia, will follow with a discussion on the venereal disease trichomoniasis and its hidden dollar loss. Lockie Gary, Hardee County Extension Director, will lead the final discussion which will focus on whether or not fly control is cost effective. A dinner will follow to allow plenty of opportunity to allow ranchers to interact with veterinarians and extension agents on these issues.

If you are interested in participating in the Herd Health Program, please contact your local County Extension Agent for registration information.

Example Schedule

Example schedule from 1999 seminar:

Time Topic Speaker
4:00-5:15pm "Beef Cattle Herd Health Requirements - A Reasonable Program For South Florida Ranchers" Dr. Anthony Weirather, Outback Animal Hospital, Polk City, FL
5:15-5:30pm Questions & Answers Dr. Weirather
5:30-5:45pm Break
5:45-6:15pm "Trichomoniasis - Its Symptoms, Incidence, Detection, and Prevention" Dr. Mark Davis, Arcadia Animal Hospital, Arcadia, FL
6:15-6:45pm "Fly Control - Does It Pay?" Lockie Gary, Hardee County Extension Director
6:45-7:00pm Wrap-Up Travis Seawright, Manatee County Livestock Agent
7:00pm Dinner

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