Cattle Industry Market Outlook Seminar

The South Florida Beef/Forage Program, Florida Cooperative Extension Service, in cooperation with CattleFax, has developed this seminar to provide information to beef cattle producers to assist in understanding the cattle marketing sytem. The seminar will include information on the structure of the industry from cow/calf producer to retailer, market trends, economics of the different levels of the industry, season price and production patterns, short and long term outlook,and a look at alternative market options.

The seminar topics will be presented by ag marketing specialists from CattleFax. CattleFax also provides market summary, price and production information for nation wide publications such as Beef Business Bulletin of the National Cattlemens Beef Association (NCBA).

We Feel that this will be a very informative program for beef producers and timely to the current market situation.

Example Schedule

Example program schedule from previous year:

Time Event
Introductions, Purpose and Objectives
Structure of the Industry: Cow/Calf, Stocker, Feedlot, Packer
Where is the Industry in the Cattle cycle. Cattle numbers, Beef supply and total meat supply situation
Industry Economics: A look detailed at comparative cossts of production data for cow/calf producers
Seasonal Production and Price Patterns, Regional Price Relationships
Short and Long-term Price and Profit Outlook for all Segments of Business
Risk Management Alterntives: retained ownership, partnerships, use of futures and options, etc

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