Beef Cattle Reproductive Management School

This course is conducted with the volunteer assistance of area food animal veterinary practitioners. The purpose of this school is to strengthen managerial capabilities of owners and operators of the beef cattle ranches. This is an intense course in reproductive management of the cow herd. Although the topic of pregnancy diagnosis is given extensive treatment in this program, participants should not expect this training to make them proficient in that skill. Rather it is hoped that an improved understanding of the broad subjects of breeding herd management will be achieved and that individuals enrolled in this course will be better equipped to work with their veterinarians in accomplishing breeding program objectives.

If you are interested in participating in the Reproductive Management School, contact your local County Extension Agent for registration information.

Example Schedule

Example schedule from 1999 school:

Date Time Event
Day 1
Moderator: Jim Selph
8:00am Check in and paperwork
8:30am Pregnancy Testing
10:00am Break
10:10am Health Management - Vaccination Program for Reproduction
11:00am Pregnancy Testing Video Tape
11:30am Lunch (provided)
12:15pm Intact Tracts Lab - Various Stages of Pregnancy
12:24pm Laboratory: Hands on Pregnancy Testing
Moderator: Mark Kistler
3:30pm Coping with Calving Problems
4:30pm Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation
5:00pm Bull Breeding Soundness Evaluation Demonstration
Day 2
Moderator: Doug Mayo
8:00am Genetic Management for Efficient Reproduction
8:30am Heifer Development and Management of Young Cows
9:15am Reproductive Implications of Body Condition and Nutritional Management
10:00am Break
10:15am Breeding Season Management
10:45am Nutrition for Reproduction - Forage Quality
11:15am Nutrition for Reproduction - Economics of Supplementation
12:00pm Lunch (provided)
12:30pm Laboratory: Hands on Pregnancy Testing
Moderator: James Stice
3:30pm Utilizing Performance Records
4:30pm Body Conditions Scoring Problem
Day 3
Moderator: Jennifer Myers
8:00am The Role of Artificial Insemination in a Beef Cattle Herd
8:30am Bull Selection
9:00am Estrus Synchronization and Heat Detection
9:00am Break
9:45am Body Condition Scoring Problem - Conclusion
10:15am Beef Quality Assurance
10:45am Program Summary and Evaluation & Hands-on Laboratory

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