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Custom Slaughter

County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
DeSoto Fussell's Frozen Food Inc.
Jimmy Fussell

[updated 5/18/18]
2039 SE Carlstorm Field Rd.
Arcadia, FL

office: (863) 494-2112
Hardee Florida Beef, Inc.

Beef & Dairy Slaughter and Processing
[updated 5/18/18]
441 E SR 64
Zolfo Springs, FL  33890

office: (863) 735-2233
cell: (912) 632-1183
Hillsborough Hoof & Horn

Slaughtering and meat processing
[updated 5/18/18]
office: (813) 752-3955
Lake Osteens Custom Meat Services

Butchering, processing and smoking cattle, hogs and ostriches
[updated 5/18/18]
office: (352) 394-6465
Polk Dan's Custom Meat Cutting Shop
Dan & Linda Scott

domestic or wild game cut and wrapped to your order
office: 537-1445
Seminole Hopkins Meat Packing
Marie, Mark or Roy

Federally Inspected
[updated 5/18/18]
Sanford Ave.
Sanford, FL

office: (407) 322-9291

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