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Hay For Sale - Florida, Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, Online


County Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Alachua A-HAY
Andrew Alligood

Barn stored net wrapped horse quality coastal, tifton 85, and Jigg's hay. Random protein test taken with documented results of at least 10% or better.
[updated 5/18/18]
26910 NW Cr. 1491
Alachua, FL 32615

office: (386) 462-4511
cell: (352) 316-5505
Big Sky Hay Company
Mike Hickey and TJ Strickland

Quality growers of coastal bermuda. Horse quality barn stored rolls and bales. Fast, friendly service. Delivery available.
3778 NW 147th Lane
Gainesville FL 32653

cell: (386) 931-6431
cell: (352)258-8988
Cottonmouth Cattle Company
Zack Carpenter

Horse-quality costal bermuda large round rolls, highly fertilized, barn stored, $60 in barn. Cow hay in field, $40/roll. Delivery available.
2509 NE County Rd. 219A
Hawthorne, FL  32640

office: (352) 475-5865
cell: (407) 709-0273
Clark Family Farm
Fred Clark

Selling high-quality horse hay in Alachua County. Tifton 85, barn-kept, round wrapped bales.
office: (352) 214-1776
Scott Hay Farms
John Scott

Costal Bermuda, Tifton 85, full size round bales, horse quality
12910 Millhopper Road
Gainesville, FL  32653

office: (352) 538-2518
Sullivan Farms
Mark Sullivan

Costal Bermuda, large round rolls, net wrapped, fresh cut, barn stored, $50.
20638 NW 78th Ave.
Alachua, FL  32615

office: (386) 462-1776
cell: (352) 215-1018
Bradford APSO Corporation
Dale Hayes
Coastal Hay- Quality 4x4 rolls, fertilized, net wrapped, barn and field stored, quantity discount, $32 and up
office: (352) 258-8218
Double D Enterprises
Lavern & Margaret Dyal

We are located in Bradford County and have premium quality Alicia and Tift 85 hay harvested this year for sale. We have horse-quality barn stored hay, field stored cattle hay, and mulch grade. Our rolls are 58" tight John Deere baler net wrapped. We will deliver on request. Prices as low as $25.00/roll.
office: (352) 485-1218
cell: (352) 258-8316
Brevard Stonybrook River Run
Kris & Ann Wiirre

Straight Orchard, Straight Alfalfa, Straight Timothy, Orchard/Alfalfa, Timothy/Alfalfa, Timothy/Orchard, and Coastal - square bales.
Mims, FL

office: (321) 264-2414
Citrus Barco Farms
Kason Sundberg

Tifton 44 Rolls and Sq bales
12202 S Old Jones Rd
Floral City, FL 34436

office: (352) 302-2849
DeSoto Johnson Grove & Cattle, Inc.
Jerald Johnson

Quality Floralta and Jiggs hay. 56" roll in field for cattle hay and square 50# bales of Jiggs barn stored for horses. Delivery is available or it can be picked up. We also custom cut and bale hay.
1326 SW CR 661
Arcadia, FL  34266

office: (863) 491-0804
cell: (863) 990-0958
Rick's hay service
Rick White
Supplier of Jigs Bermuda square and round rolls and Hermathia cow rolls.
10591 SE Mehl Ave.
Arcadia, FL 34265

office: (863) 990-1049

Gilchrist Long Hammock Farms LLC
Gretchen McCabe

We produce and sell horse quality Coastal Round and square bales to the local Florida community and surrounding areas.
[updated 6/23/20]
SW 65th St
PO Box 2122
Trenton, FL  32693

Phone:  (352) 502-2226
Hamilton Billy Blair Hay Farm
Billy Blair, Sr.

Tift 85 Hay for Sale
1248 Southern Str.
Jennings, FL

office: (386) 938-3271
cell: (386) 397-5781
Hardee Scott Henderson office: (863) 781-1350
Mike Klein

Tifton-85, Florona and Floralta
Ona, FL

office: (863) 735-2267
T.J. Mitchell office: (863) 781-4320
Wilbur Robertson office: (863) 735-0448
Hernando J. Cheze

Tiffton-44 Round Rolls and Small Square Bales
[updated 5/18/18]
26483 Ernest Lee Rd
Brooksville, FL  34602

Home: (352) 799-5310
William L. Davis

Tiffton-44, Round or square bales
Brooksville, FL

office: (352) 799-0620
Highlands Ashton Ag Service
Quinn & Mike Ashton

Pangola, Star, Hemarthria and Rhodesgrass, Square and Round bales. Delivery Available Also available Mulch hay and spring material.
640 Arbuckle Creek Rd.
Lorida, FL  33857

office: (863) 655-0451
cell: (863) 655-1226
fax: (863) 655-0010
Glisson's Animal Supply

Alfalfa, T&A, Coastal, etc.
4525 S US 27
Sebring, FL  33870

office: (863) 471-3333
Lott Agri Services
Austin Lott & Morgan Lott

Floralta hemarthria and Jiggs Bermuda rolls
[updated 11/20/2020]
PO Box 418
Venus, FL  33960

Austin:  (863) 441-4906
Morgan:  (863) 443-3403
Hillsborough Patrick Snyder

Tifton 44, Stargrass and Bahia; rolls, delivery available.
office: (863) 559-0648
Lafayette Marc Stucker

Available: 42" and 52" tight rolls of coastal bermudagrass, floralta limpograss, and callie stargrass. Will deliver by semi load anywhere in the southeast United States. Horse and cow quality. Fresh hay available on May 1, 2007.
Mayo, FL

office: (386) 294-3503
cell: (561) 662-8690
Lake Kent Keller Enterprises, LLC

Round Bales for sale. Net wrapped. Size: 4'×5'. Bermuda, Bahia, and Pangola grasses. Square bales are also available. Will deliver for additional charge.
office: (352) 267-5662
Wild Goose Farms
Terri Martinez

Large round bales, Coastal Bermuda $35-$45 per bale, net wrapped, barn stored.
[updated 8/1/19]
17255 SE Highway 452
Umatilla, FL  32784
Office:  (352) 409-5009
Leon Charlie Smith

500 rolls of Tifton 85 horse-quality hay. South Georgia / North Florida.
office: (229) 226-9296
cell: (850) 528-5769
Manatee Cherokee, Inc.
David M. Baily

[updated 5/18/18]
8755 Erie Ln.
Parrish, FL  34219

cell: (941) 742-9519
Mark Cincotta

Tifton 85, Florakirk, Hemarthria, Pangola, square and Round bales.
6357 CR 675
Myaka City, FL  34251

office: (941) 737-1796
Greg Waldo's Hay Service
Greg Waldo
Custom hay service and sales. Delivery available.
2213 123rd Ter E
Parrish, FL  34219

(941) 812-2369
Johnny Kersey office: (941) 322-1870
cell: (941) 920-4414
Marion Buddy Hiers and Sons
Buddy or Matt Hiers

Quality hay for sale: Large rolls, well fertilized, green, pretty, horse quality hay, net wrapped and barn kept for $65 a roll. Square bales are also available for $6 each.
Dunnellon, FL 34431

cell: (352) 322-1224
Cooter Hiers Farms
Jodi Hiers

Approximately 4,000 square bales for sale; stored under a barn; horse-quality coastal hay. Bales are $5.00 each.
1300 NW 225th Ave.
Dunnellon, FL  34431

office: (352) 489-5206
cell: (352) 266-7437
Lucky Warrior Farm
Chuck Underbrink
3000 large round bales of bahia hay, $45 each. Net wrapped, clean and barn stored. Delivery available for $50 a bale.
office: (321) 298-1920
Okeechobee Mosquito Creek Hay Sales
Kenneth (Joe) Dryden

Stargrass, Bermudagrass, and Limpograss in both square ($5) and round ($35 - $45) bales. Delivery available by semi-loads.
5500 E Hwy 70
Okeechobee, FL  34972

office: (863) 763-7412
cell: (863) 634-3279
fax: (863) 763-1023
Osceola Central Hay Sales
Doug Werk Jr.
Limpograss (Hemarthria) round bales $35. Also available, coastal square and round bales
4251 Kissimmee Park Rd.
St. Cloud, FL 34772

office: (407) 230-4425
Palm Beach Southeast Hay Distributors
Alexander Christensen, Lily Stidham

We have been a hay supplier throughout Florida and around the world since 2008.  Provide Timothy, Alfalfa, Orchardgrass, Coastal Bermudagrass, mixes, and straw in 2-tie, 3-tie, and/or double compressed bale formats for all types of livestock.  Offer pick-up, pup trailer, and flatbed delivery.  Also offer shavings, feed, and supplies.
[added 9/13/23]
301 Broadway, Ste. 104
Riviera Beach, FL  33404

office:  (561) 623-9009
Pasco FCI
Jack Tencza

Have over 400 rolled bails of cow hay that is on sale now. Take it all or buy only what you need. Hurry over to us as the sale only lasts as long as we have the supply. Cash only. Any further questions please call.
6237 Seaford Dr
Holiday, FL  34690

cell: (813) 446-0910
Hogans Grove Service
J. Mercer Hogan

Tifton, Coastal Bermuda, Brown Top Millet, Mixed Hay, Round bales.
13725 10th St.
Dade City, FL  33525

office: (352) 567-0033
cell: (813) 714-1622
Holloway's Farm Supply
Joey Holloway

Western Alfalfa, Western Timothy, Tiffton 44, square bales.
3036 Land O' Lakes Blvd.
Land O' Lakes, FL  34639

(813) 949-6809
(813) 996-6789
(813) 949-0774 (fax)
MAC AG Services LLC

Fresh Tifton square and round bales, cow quality hay. Delivery available for more information call us.
7634 Tallowtree Dr.
Zephrhills, FL 33544

office: (813) 493-2426
McClelland Ranch
James McClelland

Top quality Tifton 44 horse hay, barn kept, fresh cut, 100 rolls.
31533 Darby Road
San Antonio, FL 33576

office: (352) 588-0425
cell: (813) 431-0939
Stubbs Farm and Grove
Wesley Stubbs

We sell high quality Tifton 44 round and square bales to cattle, equine, and other livestock owners. Our square bales and most of our round bales are stored inside a weather-proof barn; we also have field stored rounds. Please call us for further details.
10800 US Hwy 301
Dade City, FL 33525

office: (352) 567-6146
cell: (352) 424-0508
Polk Bob Benoit

Bahia rolls available at a discounted price this year.

(863) 709-8248
Gapway Grove Corporation
Eugene Anderson

Bahia, Tiffton 44 round bales. Cattle and horse hay.
office: (863) 967-2150
Toney Holton

Pangola 4'×5' round bales and Bahia in round and square bales.
office: (863) 640-9381
Lay's Western Wear and Feed 5530 Old Hwy 37
Lakeland, FL 33811

office: (863) 646-1003
Raney Cattle Sales

Round Bales, Bahia Cow Hay, Fertilized Hemarthria, Fertilized Tifton 44
8915 Hwy 98 North
Lakeland, FL 33809

Phone:  (863) 559-2769
Rocking JH Brangus & Hay
John Hause

Coastal round and square bales, net wrapped, certified weed free, fertilized, barn stored, delivery available.
office: (863) 299-3171
cell: (863) 412-2683
Ry-Lin Enterprises, LLC
Gary Blankenship
Ryan Blankenship

Round bales for sale
[added 8/4/23]
Gary (863) 255-3668
Ryan (863) 860-1779
Patrick Snyder

Tifton 44, Stargrass and Bahia; rolls, delivery available.
office: (863) 559-0648
Bobby Walker

Tifton 44 round and square bales, Bahia and Peanut round bales for cattle.
office: (863) 450-4635
cell: (863) 858-5740
Jared Wright

Hay for sale.  Mowing and baling.
[updated 7/12/22]
cell:  (863) 205-3598
Suwannee Gary Dominy

Large 5'×6' round rolls. Bahia grass. 2008 crop barn stored, $40.00 per roll or 10 or more rolls for $30.00 each.
Live Oak, FL

office: (386) 842-5410
Hay Master Nutrition Injection System
Emma Corbin

Specially designed and engineered, this system helps to restore the often missing and much needed nutrients, vitamins, energy, and protein in hay. Give us a call for more information!
Live Oak, FL

office: (386) 842-2966
cell: (386) 364-8553
Sumter Raintree Ranch
Dayton Babcock

Tifton 44, round and square bales.
1399 CR 753
Webster, FL

office: (352) 793-3193
TM Ranch
Daniel Milton
Fresh cut Bermuda and Lisa round bails. $50.00
12015 CR 233
Oxford, FL

office: (352) 461-7198
cell: (352) 748-7198
Tarrence or Author

Looking for Hay? We have Tiftion/Bihaia mix round bails for sale.
7655 CR 714
Center Hill, FL

office: (352) 610-3114
cell: (660) 229-1676
Union M & S Fertilizer and Farm Inc.

We have barn kept horse quality rolls of coastal bermuda hay and outside stored cow quality coastal bermuda hay.
8558 SW CR 245
Lake Butler, FL  32054

office: (386) 758-8215
cell: (386) 623-3810
Coastal Round Bales
W. Drew Andrews

In barn, $35.
5102 SW 76 Pl.
Lake Butler, FL  32054

office: (386) 496-3745
Walton M & J Farms
Willy Tatman, James Wasson

5x5 round rolls net wrapped, barn stored.  Small square bales of hay and oat straw.

[updated 5/16/18]
996 Double Pond Rd
6450 County Highway 1883
Ponce De Leon, FL  32455

Home:  (850) 859-2414
Office:  (850) 978-3426
Cell:  (850) 978-1319

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Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Glynelle Pool

We are now booking our 08 hay. Will have app. 4000+ 4'×5' JD net-wrapped. Bermuda/Mix and Rye/Clover/Mix. Have a company that hauls for us at reasonable rates if interested.
Danville, AK

office: (479) 495-3245
cell: (479) 774-4113

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Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Nathan Avery

Coastal Bermuda hay available in round bales, barn stored. Can deliver.
Moultrie, GA

office: (229) 891-1819
cell: (229) 891-8987
Durand Deal

2006 Tifton 44 extremely high quality round and square bales fertilized to UGA recommendations for highest nutrition and digestability. Under shelter.
Tifton, GA

cell: (229) 388-5054
Robin Hamsley

Coastal Bermuda Hay 4x5 rolls and small square bales - well fertilized and weed free.
Bleckley County, Cochran, GA

office: (478) 957-2386
Shingler Farms
Ronnie & Renee Shingler

Alfalfa hay, Russell bermuda hay, and Wheat straw, small bales/21 bale bundles, 4' roll, tractor trailer vans available.
7525 Hwy 273
Blakely, Georgia

office: (229) 372-4111
cell: (229) 220-6701
Charlie Smith

500 rolls of Tifton 85 horse-quality hay. South Georgia / North Florida.
office: (229) 226-9296
cell: (850) 528-5769
Rancho San Antonio
Ian Stephen
Perennial peanut hay for sale. 2009 crop. 45-50 lb square bales - barn stored. $8.50 per bale - 100 bale minimum order.
357 Brighton Rd.
Tifton, GA 31794
(229) 387-5545
Chester Thompson

Beautiful Coastal Hay Bales in Wayne Co. Georgia. Round and square bales. We can deliver or you can pick up at barn. Horse quality hay.
office: (912) 294-5530
cell: (912) 586-6165
Tracy Ulmer

Alicia Bermuda Square Bales for Sale: Well Fertilized, Weed-free, and Barn Stored. $5.00/bale at barn.
Cairo, GA

office: (229) 377-5492

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Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Midway Farms & Forage

We make alfalfa hay cubes. They are available in 50 lb or 2,000 lb bags. We can ship small (4 pallets lots ).
1249 S 2600 Rd , Herington, KS, 67449

office: (785) 200-3858

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Business / Products / Services Contact Info
The haylady
Linda Neal

Small square bale hay, Timothy, Timothy/brome, mixed grass
2716 bear run road
Taneytown, MD 21787

office: (410) 259-6885

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North Carolina

Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Busick Farms
Bill Busick

Potomac Orchard and fescue mixed with lespadiza. Horse quality hay, $35 per 4 x 5 round bale.
1661 Lindsey Bridge Road, Madison, NC, 27025

office: (336) 427-3354
cell: (336) 453-4286
home: (336) 427-3354

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Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Nate & Deeann Cannon

We have horse-quality small, square bales of bermuda for sale.
Muskogee, OK

office: (918) 284-1960
cell: (918) 781-2153
Randy Driver Hay
Randy Driver

Small square bales Bermudagrass, $6 bales, fresh cutting, wire tied, tight and heavy, delivery and stacked in the barn. Available in the Prague to Norman area in Oklahoma. Call after 4:00pm Monday-Friday, and any time Saturday.
office: (405) 573-6906

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  Business / Products / Services Contact Info
Ranch Borealis
Gary & Aurora Lewis

We have hay for sale $40.00 per roll!!!  Fertilized hay mixed grasses:  coastal, bermuda and bahia....Commercial rolls 4 x 5 1/2 net wrapped.
Please send a message to Ranch Borealis if interested.
Office:  (214) 422-7469

(added 5/21/18)
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Business / Products / Services Contact Info
AgriHay Exchange

See listings of hay for sale, list your hay for sale, site is currently only finished in its first phase. Future features to including weather tools, mapping, land management features and GIS/GPS applications.
Internet Hay Exchange

View listing of Hay Producers in North America and around the world. Advertise your hay for sale, free.
The Haymarket

View listing of Hay Producers in North America. Advertise your hay for sale, free.
The Hay Barn

View listing of Hay Producers in North America. Advertise your hay for sale, free.
Hay Hot Line
Texas Department of Agriculture

View listing of Hay Producers in Texas and Central North America.
(877) 429-1998

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