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Large Animal Veterinarians & Specialists

County Veterinarian Contact Info
Charlotte Equine Dentistry
Dr. John Bivens
office: (941) 575-4588
Southwest Florida Veterinary Services
Dr. Richard H. Hall

24 hour Emergency Service
office: (941) 625-6610
DeSoto Animal Ark of Arcadia
Dr. Ron Overcash
office: (863) 494-2101
Arcadia Animal Hospital, Inc.
Dr. Mark Davis

office: (863) 494-5566
Crankshaw Veterinary Services
Dr. Wade Crankshaw
office: (863) 993-2712
DeSoto Veterinary Services
Dr. Mike McNulty
office: (863) 993-9924
Hardee All Creatures Animal Hospital
Dr. Slade Hayman
office: (863) 773-9215
Florida Veterinary Services
Dr. Gary Shiver
office: (863) 735-0650
Hardee Animal Clinic
Dr. William H. Lovett Jr.
office: (863) 773-2424
Pet Care Center
Dr. Ross Hendry
office: (863) 773-5013
Highlands Citrus Animal Clinic
Dr. Jacob R. Hinds

We provide services for cattle, horses, small ruminants, and camelids.
[updated 5/18/18]
270 S US 27
Lake Placid, FL  33852

office: (863) 465-2176
Polk Dr. Larry Black office: (863) 285-8652
Heartland Large Animal Services
Dr. LuJean Waters
office: (863) 622-2014
Lake Wales Large Animal Services
Dr. Robert Gukich
office: (863) 676-9790
Livestock Services
Andrew Laver

Hot iron branding, tattooing, castrating, and dehorning.

office: (863) 430-8834
Outback Animal Hospital
Dr. Anthony Weirather office: ("Dr. Why")
office: (863) 984-4123
Polk Equine, P.L.
Dr. Andy Bennett

Providing services for cattle and horses.
Lake Wales, FL

office: (863) 287-8413

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