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Article Of The Month

"Article of the Month" is an educational series designed to enhance the services of the South Florida Beef-Forage Program (SFBFP) to livestock producers. Each month will highlight appropriate information to guide producers. Articles will be prepared interchangeably among county livestock extension agents, researchers and statewide extension specialists. It is hoped that articles will generate more discussion on "Cattletalk", SFBFP's discussion group.


Month Article Author(s)
January Livestock Learning Opportunities for Youth Tycee Prevatt - 4-H Extension Agent - Glades County
February Soil acidity and its relationship with nutrient use efficiency Maria L. Silveira - UF/IFAS, Range Cattle REC, Ona
March Evaluating Diet Adequacy in Grazing Situations Randy Gornto, Livestock Extension Agent - Highlands County
April "Tracking” Animal Disease Traceability Bridget Carlisle, Livestock Extension Agent - Polk County
May Fertilize, overseed with warm-season legumes, or both? Joao Vendrmaini, UF/IFAS, Range Cattle REC, Ona
June Creeping Indigo: A Small, Yet Lethal Plant Brent Sellers, Bridget Carlisle, and Lindsey Wiggins, UF/IFAS
July   Christa L. Kirby, Livestock Extension Agent - Manatee County
August Enterprise Budgeting for Cow/Calf Operations Kenneth A. Johnson Jr., Director and Livestock Agent - DeSoto County
September Insect Management in South Florida Pastures Les Baucum, Regional Sugarcane/Agronomic Extension Agent - Hendry County
October Water Quality BMPs, what are they and why?  Courtney Davis, Dairy/Water Quality Extension Agent - Okeechobee County
November Brahman Influence in Florida Beef Production Ashley Fluke, Livestock/Forage Extension Agent - Osceola County

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